Community fundraising committies around schools, charities and clubs are continually looking for new sources of money to focus their fundraising efforts. The members of the community frequently donate their own time and money, but the fundraising body can also tap into other discretionary budgets. The new Tight Knit App is designed to enable this.    
 A School Community of 500 families spends many, many thousands of dollars per family each year on professional services, tradespeople, products and goods from suppliers who are near and far, but especially near. A good portion of family spending decisions could be leveraged for the benefit of the school fundraising effort, if the decision-makers could be persuaded to support suppliers they know are financially allied to their favoured Community – their school, club, or association.

This is where the Tight Knit App plays. Community Allies pay to list in the Tight Knit directory, and the proceeds accrue, minus a small fee, to the approved fundraising account of the organisation. 
Then it's over to the Community to muster and deploy the Community buying power, to favour and support their Community Allies, and tell them why they're winning their business, encouraging their ongoing commitment.

Another key task for Cmmunity members is to recruit new Allies from among the businesses they do business with, wherever they find them, and offer to endorse their services, to the Community, on the Tight Knit App.  

The Community leadership can, of course, moderate the ratings, comments and posts of registered members, even decline the listings of businesses they do not approve (with  zero-penalty listing fee refunds). When it's a Tight Knit Community, the Community membership is in control, and each Community Ally is providing the funding   

It's time to bring school fundraising into the 21st century, to deploy the smartphone and web tools we're all now used to using. It is time to become a Tight Knit Community.