Tight Knit Community Allies

  1. Target your Market Precisely
    As a local business, you want to ensure your business offer is presented as the most convenient, genuinely local offering. Of course, you can pay to appear in neighbouring Directories, but each business is paying into the local community fundraising.
  2. Be Recognised as a Community Ally
    When you contribute to community fundraising, you get the recognition of the community as a financial sponsor of something treasured by the locals.
  3. Be a Preferred Supplier
    Recognition as a Community Ally wins you preferred status in the local market ahead of competitors further afield, or those businesses who choose not to participate.
  4. 100% Tax Deductible
    LIsting in the Tight Knit App is a 100% tax deductible business marketing expense. A tax invoice will be issued by email within minutes. Your ABN will be displayed if you declare it
  5. Manage your Brand
    Your brand name, images and business pitch are all in your control.ONce your payment is processed, you can submit branding, imaging and tweak your wording.
  6. Pay Securely
    1.Download the Tight KNit App 2. Find Your Community 3. SIgn UP as an Ally 4. Complete the form, 5. Pay securely by Master/Visa/Amex 6.Prosper!