Tight Knit Communities FAQ

What about my Community? How can we become a Tight Knit Community?

Any non-profit fundraising organisation will benefit from becoming a Tight Knit Community. After you register your interest on the Join Up page of this website, we will be in contact with the specifics. Briefly, you authorise us to collect business directly listing fees annually on behalf of the Community, the bulk of which are passed directly into the organisation's bank accounts on a regular basis, and you commit to enlisting as many Community Members and Community Allies of your organisation as you can. Then ask your COmmunity to download the free Tight Knit app, search for your community's directory, and actively support the Community Allies listed there. 

How do we launch? What sort of messaging and promotion will we need

We can assist with a launch plan, to get the attention and engage with both Members and Allies of the Community. If your Community is already using a social media channel, that is a good place to regularly press the case for Members to download and support the listed Community Ally businesses, and recruit others known to them, with the offer of a personal endorsement by the recruiting Member as an inducement. Directory listing fees are tax-deductable business marketing expenses, and a tax invoice will be issued. In many cases, the Members are themselves business owners and service providers, and they want to be Community Allies. The Tight Knit App completes the circle.

How much money can this raise for my Community? What can we do to maximise that?

A typical school of 500 familes could raise as much as $5,000-$10,000 each year by appointing one or two individuals whose task it is to really drive this program within the Community. The key to driving revenues from your Community Allies is to get the Community Membership behind them. Their listing fees give them privileged access to the Community, and if that generates business for them, they will keep paying and raising Community funds. Another driver is getting your Members to recruit Allies. Any firm that your Members  do business with can be and should be persuaded to enlist as a Community Ally, a fully tax-deductable expense giving them unprecedented and unmatched access to your Community members, who are motivated to support and prefer them. 

How do I add my business or service offering to the Tight Knit Community directory

WHen you're ready to become Community Ally for one of the communities listed on the Tight Knit app, you must first register as a user. Then bavigate to the Community's Home page, and find the link to join up as a Community Ally. Have your credit card ready, you'll be asked to pay your annuual fees in advance